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Exercise 4

This is probably the most complex exercise in the course. The objective of the exercise is:

- Make the letters O, N and A by using elastic bands as shown in the images and the sample exercise.

- You have 90 seconds to do it.

- In this exercise, more than in any other, it is essential to plan the movements that you are going to do. We recommend that you first do the exercise by looking at it directly with your eyes, without the camera. That is, mount the exercise without the dome, do the exercise looking directly at it, and memorize the movements that you are going to do. Once you control the movements well, you can do the exercise.

- The complexity of this exercise is based on the fact that

(1) You have to memorize movements and plan them in a much more complex way than in previous exercises.

(2) You have to learn to handle elastic forces, which always require greater skill than handling simple rings.

(3) It is a longer exercise than the previous exercises, so you will have to be constantly aware of keeping the camera in a good position. When the exercise is long, it requires maintaining attention for longer, and that complicates the exercise. It is key that you are clear that A GOOD CAMERA POSITION is crucial to facilitate triangulation. You must be super strict with it and maintain the position throughout the exercise.

- The approximate number of repetitions you will need will be 23.17 (SC 14.79 95% CI 15.56 – 30.78)

As in previous exercises, you can use the First Pass clamps to mobilize the rubber bands. In the example videos that we show you, we use the small clamps, but you can use both, in fact, we recommend that you use the first pass, since they are more robust and will allow you to control the rubber bands better. In addition, it will teach you how to control the feel of an automatic suture-passing forceps.

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