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Exercise 10

This is one of the most complex exercises in the course, since it reproduces the difficulty of exercise 4 but also requires using perpendicular vision and work portals. The objective is:

- Generate the letters O, N and A by using rubber bands

- You have 150 seconds to complete it.

As in all previous exercises, you must perform the exercise carrying the clamp with your dominant hand (9A) and with your non-dominant hand (9B). You can use the First Pass clamp to perform the exercise, just like in the previous exercises.

In this exercise, the automatic camera should not be used, but the camera should be carried by hand. However, in the event that you get "stuck", you can try to do the exercise using the automatic camera. Using the camera automatic makes things easier for you, because it provides you with a "perfect helper". However, this exercise requires quite a bit of field of view, so it cannot be done completely well with automatic camera. The automatic one is for you to realize who is the best helper: the one that does not move, keeps the camera fixed on a specific plane and provides a sufficient field of vision!

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