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Exercise 12

With this exercise we enter the final stretch of the course, that is, the third block. In this block, the vision and work portal are located at 90º with respect to each other, and in addition, the camera has a 90º rotation. It is essential that you watch the video example to understand the correct configuration.

This configuration forces us to modify the way we understand arthroscopy, and to modify the fact that our "reference line" is horizontal with the ground. Here you will have to use another reference that you keep fixed and that allows you to have the camera completely at 90º rotation. Additionally, you will have to work with viewing and working portals at 90º with respect to each other, similar to what sometimes happens in shoulder arthroscopy in a lateral decubitus position, for example.

Specifically in this exercise the objective is:

- Pass 3 rings from one basket to the other

- You have 45 seconds

As in previous exercises, although in the examples we used the fine tweezers, you can use the First Pass tweezers, as it will help you get the feel of passing sutures with tweezers and more sensitivity to control them. However, you can use the tweezers that you like the most.

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