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Exercise 13

Probably the most complex exercise of the course. We keep the camera and work portal configuration identical to that of exercise 12, but in this case the objective is as in exercises 4 and 10:

- Make the letters O, N and A by using elastic bands

- The time to perform the exercise is 180 seconds.

- The approximate number of repetitions that you will need to complete the exercise is 12.88 (SC 6.52 95% CI 9.52 – 16.23)

You can use the First Pass clamps, and in this exercise it is highly recommended since they allow better control as it is more necessary to exert a certain force to control the elasticity of the rubber bands.

Remember what we always tell you: don't be in a hurry. This exercise requires collecting everything you have learned about arthroscopic technique so far, so patience, repetitions and not getting tired. In perseverance is the key to the technique.

If at any time you get overwhelmed, you can write to us and we will answer you right away to help you improve. Also, remember that it is important not to get tired. Don't try to do it "all at once." Patience, rest and go little by little. Thus, you will achieve it.

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