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Exercise 15

Exercise 15 is completely free exercises in which we provide you with a model to practice situations similar to real life. 

Below you have a video that will explain how you should assemble the shoulder model and position the cloth so that it is configured in a similar way to a rotator cuff. One of the great advantages of this model is the ability to practice over and over again, since it does not have consumable elements that you cannot enjoy. The sleeve is replicated using a cloth, so if you want to practice many times, you can do it with a normal cloth from any supermarket, cutting it as indicated in the video.

These exercises are for you: for you to enjoy, for you to experiment. Anything we can help you with, or if you want to delve into any other part of the technique, we will be very happy to help you. You already know that we are here for you, and that whatever you need, we will help you.

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