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Exercise 1

First of all: Welcome to ArtroTrainer!

This will be your first exercise in this course, so there are certain things that you have to be clear about:

- Each exercise represents an increase with respect to the difficulty of the previous exercise. Either because of the position of the camera or because of the movements to be carried out, they all have a higher degree of difficulty than the previous one.

- You must be patient, and repeat the exercises as many times as necessary. ArtroTrainer is a scenario designed to acquire TECHNIQUE in arthroscopy, which often involves repeat, repeat, repeat. Do not be sad. Patience. If at any point you get stuck, don't worry: stop. More tomorrow. Don't be in a hurry to finish the course, especially the first 6 exercises (which make up the first block). If at any point you get stuck, don't worry: ask us, we're here for that. We assure you that by fulfilling this, you will achieve it.

- The times of the exercises will often seem tight to you. It is normal, if they were not, it would not be a challenge for you. Any of the exercises, with infinite time, could be done by anyone. Therefore, the complexity of each exercise is defined by the movements and the time you have to complete them.

- Do not try to do the exercise in the time that we propose the first time. In each exercise you have to notice that you do it with ease, that is, that you control the camera, the tweezers... that you control the situation. You will realize that, when you feel comfortable, the proposed time for each exercise is more than enough. If you do the exercise and you don't take the ring the first time, or you have to give "blind sticks"... you won't enter in time, but that is precisely what makes you advance in each step.

- This is a different course, entertaining and hard, in equal parts. Take it as a game, and enjoy the path of learning the arthroscopic technique. The gestures that you will "automate" during this course will accompany you throughout your life, so you must try to automate them well, if not, all your life you will have wrong automatisms that will make arthroscopy "not natural to you".

With that said, here's your first challenge:

- Transfer 3 rings from one basket to the other in less than 25 seconds.
- You will have to do this using the clamp in the dominant hand (1A) and with the non-dominant hand (1B)
- Send us your exercise, once recorded, to our email:, or using the form below the video demonstration
- You can see an example of an exercise and try to replicate it: it is the goal.
- The approximate number of repetitions for this exercise is 20.41 (SD 30.09 95% CI 4.93 – 35.88)

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