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Exercise 2

In this exercise the objective is:

- Place a ring on each post (in total 3 rings, on three different posts)

- You have 35 seconds to complete the exercise.

- The approximate number of repetitions for this exercise is 24.11 (SD 24.23 95% CI 11.65 – 36.57)

You must be careful with this exercise: it is more complex than it seems! In this exercise, it is no longer a question of passing the ring in a linear space, but rather that you are already beginning to work in depth, which is why it is quite difficult for you. It's normal, don't worry. It is the first exercise in which you begin to need to "stop" between attempts, and that is how it should be.

Remember that you must do it first using the clamp with your dominant hand (2A) and then with your non-dominant hand (2B).

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