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Exercise 3

In this exercise the objective is:

- Pass the three rings of the posts on one side to the opposite side (from right to left) in a specific order: the ring of the distal post must pass to the proximal post on the opposite side, the ring of the central post must pass to the central post on the opposite side and the ring of the proximal post must pass to the distal post on the other side.

- You have 35 seconds to do this

- The approximate number of repetitions you will perform is 23.35 (SD 19.17 95% CI 13.49 – 33.21)

In this exercise the complexity increases in the sense that

(1) You must PLAN the movements: it is no longer a free exercise, but the rings have to pass in a specific order. It is very important that before starting to do the exercise, you think about what you are going to do and what movements you have to perform. Planning is the key to any surgery, and here, if you do not plan, you will spend more time than we give you to complete the exercise.

(2) It forces you to navigate the three planes of space, including depth with greater distances than in previous exercises

(3) Inserting the ring through the posts is more complex than in the previous exercise, since it forces you to manipulate the ring and perform a wrist game.

Remember that you must do it first using the clamp with your dominant hand (3A) and then with your non-dominant hand (3B). Here you can see a couple of examples of the exercise.

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