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Exercise 5

The objective of this exercise is:

- Make a sliding knot (first) and block it with the cloth firmly attached to the knotting station

- You have 30 seconds to do it.

- The approximate number of repetitions you will need is 9.47 (SC 6.25 95% CI 6.25 – 12.68)

This exercise may seem simple, but it is essential. You have just completed a complex and demanding exercise. This exercise is not that technically difficult but it is important that you learn how to tie the knot well. Watch the video example to be able to do it correctly and ensure that the cloth is well trapped against the knotting station. The mechanism that we reproduce here is very similar to that which occurs in a sleeve anchor, so that if the knot does not adhere the cloth well to the station, a situation similar to when the knot does not sufficiently compress the sleeve against the footprint occurs. , resulting in a repair with a high risk of failure.

It is normal for the first knots to get blocked too far from the station, so you will have to repeat it several times, until you control the knot technique well. If you have problems, let us know so we can help you.

The difficulty here is

(1) The tension of the pole must be maintained once the first knot (sliding) is made and while the second knot (blocking) is made. Otherwise, while you are tying the second knot, the first knot will go up the pole and you will be blocked very far from the knotting station.

(2) The knot must run perfectly so that by simply pulling on the post, the knot is tightened well.

(3) You must practice using the knot release to help compress the knot well. Remember to tighten the knot with the tip of the knot release.

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