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Exercise 6

The objective of this exercise is:

- Perform a side-to-side suture of a structure (rag) on ​​the knotting station

- You have 70 seconds to perform the exercise

- The approximate number of repetitions you will need to do it is 15.23 (SC 11 95% CI 9.57 – 20.89)

- The difficulty of this exercise lies in:

(1) You must memorize how to make a side-to-side stitch. 

(2) Subsequently, you must make a sliding knot that finally blocks the suture.

This exercise is a level higher than the previous one, and a more applicable point, so for the cloth to stick really well to the knotting station it is necessary to have acquired a good arthroscopic knot technique. Anything you have doubts about, you can ask us.

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