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Exercise 7

At this point, you have completed the first ArtroTrainer block. The first block includes exercises 1 to 6, and in it you work with the work and vision portals in parallel, which is the easiest way to work, as it is more easily adjustable. In block 2, which includes exercises 7 to 11, you will replicate some of the previous exercises but with the vision and work portals perpendicular to each other. What that means is that, in this setup, a right turn of the clamps translates to a left turn on the screen, forcing you to change the way you view arthroscopy.

This situation is similar to when we perform a shoulder arthroscopy with an anterior portal and a posterior portal, for example in the lateral decubitus position, among many other situations in which both portals are perpendicular.

The first block is the most complex since it includes learning how the device works. Now the assembly is identical to the previous exercises and also the objectives are similar, so this second and third block is lighter.

In this specific exercise, the objective is identical to exercise 1:

- Carry 3 rings from one basket to the other, but with the vision and work portals perpendicular

- You have 35 seconds to do it

- The main complexity of this exercise lies in having to adapt your way of understanding arthroscopy when the working and vision portals are perpendicular.

As in all the previous exercises, you must carry out the exercise carrying the clamp with the dominant hand (7A) and with the non-dominant hand (7B). You can use the First Pass clamp to perform the exercise, just like in the previous exercises.

In this exercise you should not use the automatic camera, but rather the camera should be carried by hand.

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