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Exercise 9

In this exercise, we have a very similar objective to exercise 3, but as with pairs 1-7 and 2-8, in this case the work and vision portal are perpendicular. The objective is:

- Insert a ring into each horizontal post, with a specific order: the ring that is initially on the distal post should be inserted into the proximal one, the initially proximal ring should be inserted into the distal one and the central ring should go to the central post of the other side.

- You have 75 seconds to complete the exercise.

The horizontal posts may not be completely parallel, don't worry, the goal is the same and greater complexity is fine. The important thing is that, if they are not completely parallel, do not force the pieces, as you can break them.

As in all previous exercises, you must perform the exercise carrying the clamp with your dominant hand (9A) and with your non-dominant hand (9B). You can use the First Pass clamp to perform the exercise, just like in the previous exercises.

In this exercise, the automatic camera should not be used, but the camera should be carried by hand.

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