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ArtroTrainer Project

ArtroTrainer project is a part of the ArtroTrainer project on wich orthopaedic suergeons of all around the world can download for free the stl files of the ArtroTrainer project under the Creative Commons License and when you dowload or share the content of this files you accept the next terms and conditions: 

- The files cannot be modified

- The files cannot be used for commercial use.

- The files can be printed only for personal use

- Modifications of the files can incur in plagiarism of other models and they will be pursued

- The only way to use these files is to print it by the final user and the printer is not allowed to sell these files after printed. 

- The files cannot be sold.

- The files cannot be used by an institution or by a company

ArtroTrainer share with the orthopaedic surgeons community these files to help to the residents of the future to improve their skills in arthroscopty, but it's important for the continuation of the project to protect it agains the commercialization without autorization. 

Thanks for your comprehension and we hope that you will use properly these files.

In the next link you will be able to download some of the stl files to print by yourself. 

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