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Download metaCOT

metaCOT is a free Unity platform to manage your 3D biomodels. 

This tool has been designed to make it easier to manage your 3D biomodels in order to improve the surgical plannification. It's an alternative to 3D printing the biomodels, faster and easier. 

The platform has been configured to easily build the apk after introducing the biomodel in Oculus Quest 2. To be able to use it, you just need to export your 3D biomodel into a obj object into the Clinical Case folder. Then, put the model into the unity project just dragging the model into the scene. Introduce the "object manipulator" script, the "box collider" and it will be ready to be used. 

The idea of this project is to help to step into the virtual reality world. You can download the Unity Project, follow the documentation and start defining your own scenarios. 

We hope you will enjoy this tool and, in case you have any doubt, please, just let us know to be able to help you. 


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